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Jan 2015 - Pet of The Month: Lennox The Boxer

Jan 09, 2015

A word about our Lennox, our  from his loving owners:
For the last 8 years I've had the pleasure of spending what I call slobber time with Lennox Lewis, the Boxer. A lover of all things including his mom Elana, Lenny always seems to find joy in the small things. Since the beginning, he has been a momma's boy sticking by her side through thick and thin (almost like sixth sense).
Whether it be running to greet the neighbor's dog at a full sprint in the backyard (barking frantically, hair standing straight up on his back) pretending to be some huge Doberman or chasing my nephew Jakey to a leap of faith into the deep end of the pool; Lenny is always a joy to be around.

A true testament to what a dog should be in all sense of the word. Lennox is the type of dog you hope for when you embark on the journey of bringing a dog into your home. Lennox also loves his walks, his brother and sister, water gun fights, and chasing waves in the pool.

Unfortunately, Lenny passed just recently and left us for a better place. I walk in the house now and eagerly await that bark and the taps from his feet on the hardwood floors and am only left with disappointed silence. Although he will be missed, we are all so happy we had the pleasure of spending so many wonderful years with him. To the late Lenny Lou Lou I say..... we miss you buddy and long live Lennox Lewis the Boxer.


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