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Pancho the Havanese

Feb 20, 2015

Pancho “Krazy” Man is medium to large size Havanese. Havanese are a small breed of dogs originating from Cuba and is one of the national dog types of the country. To be honest, I am not sure how the name Pancho came to fruition but he is funny, overwhelmingly intelligent, and outgoing. He is constantly getting into all kinds of trouble eating things he shouldn’t and sniffing around the backyard like a bloodhound looking for some kind of mischief to get in. A high energy dog at times (hints the name krazy man) and other times around nap time he can become quite grumpy.

There is a long list of names that he goes by including but not limited to (often we yell them out in weird voices really loud as strange as that sounds); Krazy Man (because once a day he goes full speed around the house and sliding all over the place in a frantic as fast as you can run thing while looking at you like some krazy dog until he wears himself out), Gypsy Man (for all the random things that follow him in the house by means of his coat), Bunny Man (because he hops through the yard like exactly as a rabbit does trying to pounce on lizards), Creature Man (because his facial hair gets messed up and he looks like a creature from some distant planet). He barks at everything that walks by and like most dogs, absolutely despises the UPS man dressed in all brown and I am positive that if given the chance, he would rip the upper part of his ankles to shreds if he could. He also gives legitimate high fives believe it or not with his paw.

He loves car rides and riding with his head out the window letting his long white hair glisten in the wind like he’s starring in a shampoo commercial. Overall, he brings great joy to our family and has been a true joy to be around. We couldn’t ask for more for a dog and encourage anyone looking at smaller-medium sized family dog, to definitely look into this breed. I know that we sure have been blessed to have him around and look forward to many more years in the future.


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