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Mochi the Shih-Tzu

Apr 17, 2015

For April's Pet of the Month we chose Candice H's submission of Mochi, the cream-colored Shih-Tzu! Shih Tzu's are a toy breed originating as Tibetan guard dogs. The word Shih Tzu actually comes from the Chinese word for "lion dog", but Mochi is far from being a lion! Rescued from Orange County Animal Services, Mochi has to be the most mild mannered and loving dog you could meet.

Going by "Mo", "Mopey", "Sniffles",and "Sad Eyes", Mochi will fill your heart with her big brown eyes and her cute stare. Though we don't know a whole lot about Mochi's past, we do know one thing: she is an absolute character. Her bark is so rare, you may have better luck seeing a shooting star in the daytime. She is an avid lover of walks and car rides, but sometimes gets frustrated when she steps on her ears when sniffing the grass. 

Getting a cute photo of Mochi is a rare feat, as if she sees a camera of a phone pointed her way she will disappear. The list of things she's not a fan of are water bottles, camera phones, and velcro. If any of those things come around, she'll be tucked in your lap looking for comfort pretty quickly. As a dog, Mochi is brilliant, loyal, and can be taken for walks without even being on a leash. She can sit, stay, lay down, high-five, shake, and even act like she's being shot if you make a "pew-pew" sound and point at her with finger-guns. Shih Tzus are an underrated breed, and I would highly suggest getting one if you live in an apartment! Mochi makes a house a home. She also has an instagram! Follow @sadeyesmochi for some upcoming cuteness.


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