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Olive the Miniature Pig

May 20, 2015

For the month of May we received a submission from Howard C. and his little mini-pig Olive! Olive is an absolute treat (and not in the way you think) around the house. Olive loves taking baths, playing hide and seek, and taking rides on the open water on the boat. She's 4 months old and just under 20 pounds. She's about as small as they come! She loves to hop on the couch and cuddle as you can tell. Before bed, Howard sometimes has to run around the house and have Olive chase her so she can get tired and go to sleep. Average pigs her breed get to about 30-40 lbs, but she was special and ran small. You may never think of a pig as a domestic pet, but Olive has plenty of love to give and gives all the pups and cats a run for their money. 


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