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Frequently Asked Questions

How and why was Lake Nona Services founded?

Lake Nona Services (LNS) was founded by a small group of individuals that live in and around the Lake Nona community. After my AC went out with the in-laws coming in town or if I just needed an electrician or handyman, I realized finding a reliable service provider in the Lake Nona area was quite daunting. A quest to find a qualified AC specialist to fix my AC turned into information overload. It entailed a Google search with 12 ad listings, 8 AC companies listed on page 1, 7 AC companies listed in Google Maps, and 668 Yellow Page listings. As I went thru the list of companies using "guess what company sounds the best" approach, I dealt with companies that wouldn’t return phone calls or didn’t show up to appointments and it turned out to be a complete waste of my time and resources. I wanted to empower the Lake Nona community so they can find trusted service providers in just "3 clicks" while at the same time rewarding these very same service providers that treat our community like family. We are here to support the Lake Nona area by donating to our local schools and charities and want nothing more than to be a important part of this pristine one of a kind community.

Why can I trust the companies on Lake Nona Services?

The high standards of companies listed is the most important thing to us here at LNS. Our resource center dives into the history of these companies to ensure they are known for providing quality services. They also sign a detailed pledge entailing stringent commitments to your their customer as well as our Lake Nona and surrounding communities. At LNS, we are dedicated to our community and do everything in our power to highly increase the probability that your service or job will be done right. If for some reason you should have a serious issue with your service provider, we are here to collaborate with you and the provider to resolve it. If a service provider has multiple complaints or doesn’t follow our service provider agreement, we take this very seriously and they will be removed from LNS immediately!

How do I know if the company is the right fit for my needs?

Refer to the companies profile under the area of services you need. Their company profile will provide information on the common services they provide. You will also find licensed and insurance information for applicable services. You should use this information to narrow your search for a service provider and contact the company for more information.

When there are multiple companies for a category, how do you determine the order?

At Lake Nona Services, we believe that good companies come in all sizes. Companies with a small advertising budget are capable of performing the same quality of services as larger companies. Companies can not buy their way to the top of a Lake Nona Services listing. When we build our listings, we randomize the order of the companies to promote equality. We rebuild our listings at least once a week.

I need help resolving a serious issue with your Lake Nona Services Provider. What do I do?

Prior to being listed on this site, companies are required to sign a service agreement. In our service agreement, it states that they will actively collaborate with consumers who are not satisfied with the quality of their service in an attempt to resolve the issue. We recommend that you contact the service provider attempting to resolve the issue. If that is unsuccessful, you can file a complaint. When we recieve your complaint, we will contact the service provider and ask them to contact you to resolve the issue. Service providers that have repeated unresolved complaints will be removed from this web site and can be removed at anytime.

How does Lake Nona Services make money?

LNS collects a small fee from companies that are listed on the website. This fee covers our commitment in giving back to the community for local schools and charities as wells as our website fees, marketing, physical advertising and other overhead expenses.

Is there any cost to use Lake Nona Services?

NO. LNS is always free to any and everyone. We will never charge for any of our resources. We are here to provide a valuable service to our community and we feel it should be free.

How do companies get on Lake Nona Services?

We hand selected a listing of companies compiled through our in house resource center that were reputable companies. We put them through our independent in-house background check that highly increases the probability that they will provide quality services. You can learn more about this process by visiting the For Service Providers page.

I am a service provider and would like to add my business to Lake Nona Services.

We are always looking for reputable service providers to add to LNS and would love to hear from you. If you are a reputable company, can pass our extensive background check, and sign and uphold our service provider its just that easy. Please visit the For Service Providers page to start the process.