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What is Lake Nona Services

Lake Nona Services (LNS) is a community run company that is committed to providing reliable service providers to the Lake Nona and surrounding communities. Where some have mottos or catchy slogans, at LNS we have a mission:

  • We WILL provide a listing of pre-screened reliable service providers for the Lake Nona Orlando area and surrounding communities. This listing will help members of this community quickly start their search for service providers.
  • We WILL keep this listing current.
  • We WILL make finding a service provider take less than 3 clicks.
  • We WILL protect against information overload.
  • We WILL remove service providers that do not provide quality services.
  • We WILL donate a portion of all profits to our local schools and charities.

What Is Lake Nona Servics

LNS provides you with a one-stop-shop where you can find reliable and trusted service providers at your fingertips. LNS consolidates "information overload" by our unique and organized website and brings the services to your fingertips. Through LNS, you will have the ability to choose a service you are in need of and within "3 clicks" have a trusted service providers’ company, contact information, and credentials listed for you in a clear and precise layout. These service providers have passed our extensive background check, have a reputation in providing quality services, and signed our service provider agreement. Our service provider agreement is a detailed pledge that each provider signs that outlines a set of expectations to the customer and the service they provide and they are expected to meet these standards or face removal from LNS. If for some reason you have a serious issue that you cannot resolve with your service provider, we will participate in collaboration with you and the service provider to resolve it. LNS was founded and is run by a small staff that lives in and around Lake Nona and we are fully committed to our pristine one of a kind community. So the next time your AC goes out or you are just inquiring about replacing a current service provider falling short, we hope you will turn to Lake Nona Services. Simple, reliable, trusted and we promise to always be just "3 clicks" away.

How was Lake Nona Services founded?

Lake Nona Services (LNS) was founded by a small group of individuals that live in and around the Lake Nona community. After my AC went out with the in-laws coming in town, I realized finding a reliable service provider in the Lake Nona area was quite daunting. A quest to find a qualified AC specialist to fix my AC turned into information overload. It entailed a Google search with 12 ad listings, 8 AC companies listed on page 1, 7 AC companies listed in Google Maps, and 668 Yellow Page listings. As I went through the list of companies using the "guess what company sounds the best" approach, I dealt with companies that wouldn’t return phone calls or didn’t show up to appointments and it turned out to be a complete waste of my time and resources. I wanted to empower the Lake Nona community so they can find trusted service providers in just "3 clicks" while at the same time rewarding these very same service providers that treat our community like family. We are here to support the Lake Nona area by donating to our local schools and charities and want nothing more than to be a important part of this pristine, one of a kind community.