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Service Provider Application Process

Following our "3 click" philosophy to find service providers, our application process for service providers follows 3 simple steps as listed below.

Step 1 - Fill out the online application

This application is intended to take less than 12 minutes to complete. The information provided in this step is used as input for our screening process and provides company profile information that is used on your LNS profile.

Step 2 - We Conduct Background Check

Our quality assurance staff will review your application, conduct a background check and engage you as necessary to resolve any issues

Step 3 - Your business is listed on LNS - You get more business in this area

Within 3-5 business days filling out your application, our screening process will be complete. You will recieve email notification of the screening results.

Fill out this form to get started with Step 1

    Business Contact Information

  1. Information about your LNS Point of Contact. This is the person LNS will contact for any issues related to LNS. It can be different than your Business Contact Information

  2. Reference Information

  3. Licenses, Trades and Insurance Information

  4. Marketing Information

  5. Digital Confirmations

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